About vic huber

As an automotive photographer, and in recent years as a cinematographer and director, I have been truly blessed to pursue a calling that continually inspires, motivates and brings me deep satisfaction in my life.

Photographing the automobile has allowed me the great pleasure to travel the world, experience differing cultures and engage and collaborate with artists and creative people from many walks of life. I’ve ridden along with some of the world greatest drivers and driven and photographed many of the most dynamic cars ever built.

Yet my interest in storytelling goes well beyond the automobile. I am ever more passionate to tell stories that remind us all of the indescribable beauty of our world and of the many fascinating people and ways of life I encounter on my journey through life.

Though so much has changed in the way we capture and consume the visual image since my early days behind a camera, there remains little in my life that brings me more joy than the creative process of image making and storytelling in many forms.

I am grateful to be able to greet each new day with the enthusiasm and wonder of a child and the maturity and craftsmanship of a seasoned professional artist.

Thank you for stopping by.

Vic Huber